Why Dae Han?

Dae Han Martial Arts offers quality training by certified instructors in one of the nation’s largest martial arts facilities. Students are educated in the true traditional arts of Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, and Gum Do. Our school also features a state of the art gym.

All Dae Han instructors have trained extensively under head master, Master Min Su Seo. Our instructors are more than exceptional martial artists; they are also skilled educators experienced in working with students from diverse backgrounds including those with special needs.

Dae Han Martial Arts is a member of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) www.wtf.org, the International Federation governing the sport of Tae Kwon Do. Because of this affiliation, students and parents receive the official Tae Kwon Do training as sanctioned by the WTF. Simply, we are the best!

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