Personal Training

SERVICE---Personal-TrainingHere at Dae Han Martial Arts Center, we pride ourselves on being able to afford our members individual attention. Even so, sometimes it certainly does help to have some extra help on the side to reach your fitness goals. That’s why our instructors offer the extremely popular Personal Training sessions to our members upon request.

Our certified trainers work closely alongside you to completely specify each work out to your unique position. Each session is a systematic and cerebral approach to your goals, attributes, problems, and plateaus. Our Personal Trainers will ascertain your limits, identify your goals, learn your rhythms, and work out the kinks in your routine as you work together for a more complete you. This process consists of a 5 point scientific assessment to fully appreciate your drive, your objectives, and your limitations. The workout that you develop with your trainer on an individual basis will fully reflect the person you are, while pushing you towards the body and skill set that you hope to acquire.

Not only are these workouts fully individualized to meet your specific needs, but they are based on a variety of the most cutting edge training methods available anywhere! Our trainers work day and night to better understand the ins and outs of the science of fitness. Every day they strive to better understand the human instrument and the best ways to tune it. If there was ever any doubt in your mind that you were in good hands as far as your fitness is concerned, a single session with one of our certified professional trainers will put your mind at ease… and your body in a sweat!

If you have a busy schedule you might be worried about being able to make an appointment. However, just like their tendons, all of our Personal Trainers have flexible schedules as well. Whether it’s mornings or evenings, as long as you have the time we will be able to pencil you in.