What is HapKiDo?

HapKiDo is a dynamic Korean self-defense art which uses joint manipulation, pressure points, throws, and kicks to divert an attack while including a variety of offensive techniques for use if necessary. The goal of Hap Ki Do is to control and contain a hostile situation by rendering the attacker incapable of further aggressive actions. Hap Ki Do focuses on using an opponent’s energy to divert their attack using circular motions with equal emphasis on hand and leg techniques. Unlike many other fighting styles, Hap Ki Do does not require excessive strength. The art focuses on techniques allowing students of any size or stature to defend themselves effectively in an antagonistic situation. Like Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do is also an excellent path to enhance mental well-being.

What can Hap Ki Do do for you?

  1. Teaches you practical self-defense techniques
  2. Improves your balance, posture, flexibility, and timing
  3. Increases your joint strength and muscle tone
  4. Strengthens your mental discipline
  5. Enhances your self confidence
  6. Teaches you how to defend yourself

Hapkido is another style of Korean martial arts that focuses its techniques on self defense applications. Joint locks, pressure points, throws, and grab escapes all make up the core of Hapkido training. Originally, Hapkido was trained by the ancient Hwarang warriors in conjunction with Tae Kwon Do and other skills for a completely balanced martial arts education. Hapkido training brings with it many benefits for the mind and body.

Strength, dexterity, and coordination are all increased and each class is a great total body workout. Focus, concentration, and body awareness also increases as a result of learning the many motions that make up the in depth techniques of the art. Great self confidence and self satisfaction come from training Hapkido.

You will learn how to efficiently and effectively defend yourself and your family from harm and know that you gained those skills through hard work and perseverance.

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