What is GumDo?

GumDo is the traditional, time-honored Korean art of the sword. It includes training for both the mind and body, which function as one with the weapons as an extension of the student’s body. The training is rooted in various techniques that include movements for attacking and defending. Unlike other sword arts, GumDo focuses on the concept of “once verses many” or, more specifically, battlefield combat.

GumDo students will not only become more efficient in the use of a weapon, but will also find an increase in mental strength and will. This art is perfect for those interested in challenging themselves mentally while gaining unparalleled physical benefits as well.

What can Gum Do do for you?

  1. Increases your level of concentration and focus
  2. Improves your muscle endurance, reaction time, and balance
  3. Teaches you the virtue of patience
  4. Enhances your self confidence
  5. Strengthens your upper body
  6. Develops your overall body conditioning
  7. Teaches you how to defend yourself

Haidong GumDo is the traditional style of Korean sword fighting. Using an elegant two handed long sword, you will train in the “Way of the Eastern Sword Light” like the Hwarang warriors did in the ancient times of feudal Korea. Training with a sword is not only a fun way to experience a piece of the past, you will also increase your focus and concentration more than with any other activity. In today’s world, modern conveniences have resulted in an abundance of leisure time. Unfortunately, this has also led to a rise in health concerns like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Materialistic pressure and rampant individualism have broken apart the bonds of community and service that tie men and women together. Haidong Gumdo strives to contribute to the improvement of our situation by reaching back and pulling from the past a noble activity with honorable teachings that will benefit all members of society. Strong bodies will develop from challenging training and noble spirits are cultivated from the virtues of tenets of Haidong Gumdo.

You can read about the Haidong Gumdo Association HERE.