Birthday Party

BdayDae Han Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for a unique, exciting, and stress-free kid’s birthday party, then look no further! Dae Han Martial Arts hosts the most memorable birthday parties around. After wearing themselves out with engaging games, martial arts instruction, and board breaking, your child will get to cut their birthday cake with a real Korean sword! (with the assistance of a qualified Master)

A birthday is a special day for a child, and they should be made to feel proud and triumphant. At a Dae Han Birthday Party, it’s our number one goal to make the birthday boy or girl feel like the king of the world. As such, your child will be the editor and chief of the party. They will determine the direction and duration of every activity, indulging as long as they like in their favorite games. It’s a definitive case of having your cake and eating it too.

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“Hands down best birthday event for my 9 year old ever! Every child always had a smile and they do a great job with making the birthday child feel special. Would definitely recommend this place to learn and celebrate!”

-Debra M. 11/21/15


Birthday Party FAQs:

  • Party Setup
    • Six foot tables and the appropriate number of chairs will be set up in the lobby for you.
    • We do not provide any disposable items (decorations, tablecloths, silverware, etc.)
    • Please arrive 30 minutes before scheduled party time for any setup/decorating.
  • Games
    • After introductions, games are the first part of party festivities. These will include popular group games.
    • An Obstacle Course and/or Ninja Bounce House can be set up for your group. However, this must be requested before the event and is only available for 2+ hour birthday parties.
  • TKD Training
    • If your child is one of our students, they will assist the instructors in teaching the party-goers white belt techniques and form as well as show off their form of choice.
    • If your child is not one of our students, they will not be demonstrating during instruction.
  • Board Breaking
    • All kids will be taught board breaking with either a hammer fist or an axe kick and then will each break one board.
    • If your child is one of our students, they can break a maximum of four boards.
    • If your child is not one of our students, they can break two boards (one with hammer fist and one with axe kick)
  • Cake Cutting
    • At cake cutting time, birthday kid will get the choice between cutting their cake with a short sword or long sword.
    • A Dae Han Master will hold the sword with them and help them cut the cake.
    • If you plan on opening presents at Dae Han, let us know ahead of time so timeline can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Timelines
    • One hour timeline:
      • 15 min of Games
      • 20 min of TKD
      • 5 min of Board Breaking
      • 20 min of Food
    • Two Hour Timeline
      • 35-40 min of Games
      • 35-40 min of TKD
      • 10 min of Board Breaking
      • 30 min Food
    • Timelines are a suggestion and can/will be changed based on the number of kids and preferences of parents.