After School Program

ASPAfter School Program (ASP)

Whether your child is interested in Tae Kwon Do and can’t make the early classes or you are looking for a superior after school program (ASP), Dae Han Martial Arts is the place for you! Unlike traditional in-school programs, we strive to build up and train your children rather than simply contain and control for a time. Our ASP students learn honesty, manners, focus and discipline. We’ll teach them all of this and more through the powerful teaching methods of the Martial Arts.

Dae Han After School Pick-Up runs 2 pm to 6 pm and picks up from elementary and middle schools.

Schools currently on our route include

  • Bullard Elementary
  • Due West Elementary
  • Durham Middle
  • Ford Elementary
  • Frey Elementary
  • McClure Middle
  • Pickett’s Mill Elementary
  • Russom Elementary
  • Vaughan Elementary

If your school is not on our route and you would like to have your child in our ASP, feel free to call us at 770.919.1112 or email

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  • School Procedure
    • Students enrolled in our ASP are picked up from their school in a Dae Han Van and brought back to Dae Han for supervised study, martial arts and play.
    • All Dae Han vans should be at Dae Han from elementary schools by 2:50 and middle schools by 4:50.
  • ASP Room
    • The ASP room is dedicated for our After School Program.
    • ASP students have cubby holes for all their school belongings and training gear.
    • The large study tables in the are designated for homework, projects, books and snacks.
  • Class and Snacks
    • ASP directors will make sure students attend their class. After class, students will return to the ASP area until pickup.
    • Uniforms in class are mandatory and should be sent in students’ school bags or dropped off at Dae Han. Locker rooms are available for changing.
    • Snack time occurs upon arrival back at Dae Han. Snacks will be provided by the parents and can be brought by students or kept at Dae Han in a container (provided by the parents). A microwave will be available if needed.
  • ASP Games
    • Children will often play group games in a spare Do Jang earlier in the afternoon.
    • Side parking lot and grassy area behind Dae Han are used for outside games in good weather.
  • Electronics and Media
    • ASP kids will get limited electronic time. Electronics includes handheld devices, Wii and movies.
  • Pick Up
    • If you pick up your child directly from class, remember to still sign them out back in the ASP room.
    • Children must be picked up by 6:00 pm. There will be a $5 late fee for each 10 minute interval they are late. Late fee is paid upon arrival.