School Philosophy


We at Dae Han Martial Arts believe in strong spirits as well as strong minds and bodies. The core of our spirit lies in traditional martial arts characteristics. These help in guiding our student’s actions as they travel along their own path and face life’s many choices. Below are a few of these characteristics.

Balance. There is a universal equality present in nature. Every action, has a reaction. Even inaction has a consequence. This equality is always present in our training as we teach students to maintain balance in their lives. First and foremost, everyone is equal and deserves the same learning opportunities. What a person makes of those opportunities will determine what happens next. This principle applies to business, school, relationships as well as training. If you come to class and train hard, you will improve!

Honor. Our honor is the main characteristic people use in defining us. They can see reliability, honesty, punctuality, and humility and base their opinions about us from those characteristics. Dae Han maintains a high regard and support for honorable decision making and action. Our children’s classes learn the importance of telling the truth, being honest with themselves, and keeping their promises. Mindfulness of the honor in our actions brings our word power and helps find the light path from the dark.

Loyalty. Loyalty is the mortar for strong, solid relationships. Your devotion and support of parents, loved ones and organizations helps encourage growth on both sides. Loyalty is a balanced, give and take relationship. In the martial arts, if the master gives his time in teaching the students, the students give their fullest attention and service back to the school. This kind of loyalty balancing helps foster better relationships between teachers and students, parents and children, and husbands and wives.

Personal Best. The most important life lesson Dae Han stresses is Personal Best. Everything a person attempts in their lives is worthy of nothing less than their best effort. What you do is a reflection of who you are. We want our students doing their best. Children are encouraged to give their best effort in training while they are in the class. We teach that this kind of performance will yield the most improvement and highest regard among your peers and seniors. This idea carries over into other aspects of life. School work and projects improve as you focus on making it the best work you can produce. Hobbies will become more rewarding as you see the results of your effort. Life becomes more satisfying, knowing you gave it you best. Do or Do Not…there is no Try.

The Philosophy of Training at Dae Han Martial Arts, encompasses many virtues. All aimed towards accomplishing one goal: “Improving the quality of your life”