Stephanie Thomas

Title: Assistant Director

Stephanie Thomas is our Administrative Assistant for Dae Han Martial Arts. She assists in managing our front desk, making sales, and manages our social media accounts. She safely drives one of our vans picking up our Dae Han students for our After School Program. She provides friendly customer service to our students and parents.

Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Literature. She has worked with children of various ages, from preschool to high school, through church and school related functions for nearly 15 years. Over the years she has helped to create games and plan events for children, including small carnivals, egg hunts, summer camps and many other exciting activities. She has acted as a counselor and / or teacher for elementary students and preschoolers.

Stephanie married her husband, Andrew, in 2012, and she is the oldest of three children. Her younger brother and sister’s names are Matt and Rebecca. In her spare time Stephanie enjoys playing with her two dogs, reading, and playing video games or board games with her husband and friends.