Chanel Vazquez

Title: Administrative Assistant and

After School Program Teacher Assistant

Chanel Vazquez is our Administrative Assistant here at Dae Han Martial Arts. She assists Master Seo and the Director of Administration (Mrs. Gibson) with managerial needs, sales, and friendly customer service for our Dae Han students and parents. Chanel strongly believes that you have to work hard for what you are being paid for, but you must also learn, and grow socially as well as mentally to gain experience in the work force.

Chanel loves kids. She has four younger siblings herself so becoming a Dae Han after school program teaching assistant has been a wonderful experience for her! Watching, playing, spending time with our students, as well as getting to know each ones individual personalities has been a great experience for Chanel. She likes to keep things fun, but she also makes sure to keep things respectable and safe. She enjoys creating/planning new games and activities for the kids to play and try to see which ones they may want to play again. She feels successful at her job when she sees the students have a smile on their faces, laughing, and having fun.

Chanel is currently in online school, but her dream is to go to med school and study woman’s health. During Chanel’s free time she loves to do many things. Few of them are hiking, spending time doing fun things with friends, staying at home enjoying a good book, practicing her photography skills, watching movies, and of course she loves coming to TKD & HKD classes here at Dae Han!