Teen Class


The Teen Class at Dae Han Martial Arts is a is 50-minute activity class for 11-18 year olds, combining middle school preteens and high school students. Our Instructors maintain a supportive, yet disciplined, environment while packing in solid self-defense training and a sense of responsibility for when and where to use their skills.

Teenagers today are different from any other age group. No longer children, but not yet adults, they hang in the middle wanting the freedom of an adult, but not the responsibility. For the younger teens, we stress the importance of personal responsibility, respect for authority, and development of good health habits while the older teens are exposed to more realistic martial arts self-defense training.

No matter the age, these work outs are built to boost performance fitness levels to new heights, making this class perfect for a stand-alone sport or cross-training for students involved in other sports. We guarantee these classes will be challenging, fun, and rewarding.