Black Belt Class


There are two different 50-minute classes for our Black Belts here at Dae Han Martial Arts. Jr. Black Belt Class is designed for students under 15 years old and Black Belt Class is for students 15 years old and older. While all students are tested on the same material and must go through the same testing to achieve their black belt, younger black belts are generally not mentally or physically able to train at the same caliber as our older black belts. This is why the classes are separated.

As a black belt, you have memorized the majority of Tae Kwon Do techniques and forms. Now, the attention shifts to fine tuning what you already know, learning a few additional advanced techniques, and introduction to weapons. While this information is not limited to these black belt classes only, these black belt classes are entirely catered to black belts and the information you will need.

These classes are currently limited to Mondays, but we plan to add more advanced classes throughout the week in the near future.