Adult Class


The Adult Class at Dae Han Martial Arts is a is 50-minute activity class for 19 year olds and up. We at Dae Han Martial Arts understand that finding time and motivation to work out and practice extracurricular activities is more challenging for adults with your many responsibilities. This is why our adult classes fall later in the evenings and are limited to only adults…you don’t have to train with kids, as in most studios.

There are several different reasons adults practice Tae Kwon Do with us. Some of our adults joined for mind-stimulating and practical workouts, several started lessons as a sport they could do with their kids, and others practiced martial arts in their youth and wanted to revive the benefits this lifestyle provides.

No matter your age or reason for coming, these classes are sure to improve your quality of life. We guarantee these classes will be challenging, fun, and rewarding.