Our Program


At Dae Han Martial Arts we try to cater our classes to the age and ability level of each group of students.

Concerning children, a solid moral core is one of the most important things a child can develop. They become better students, stronger family members, more loyal friends, and more responsible citizens. The Traditional Tae Kwon Do we teach at our school combines fun, fitness, and a strong core of values to keep kids positively entertained while helping them reach their fullest potential. Kids learn the idea of attention, discipline and respect towards seniors, teachers and parents. They study harder, focus better in class, and are more confident in social activities!

Teens and Adults will find Traditional Martial Arts to be the best total body workout available today. The training is challenging, interactive, and educational while remaining balanced, and individualized to suit each students unique levels of fitness and experience. Benefits of continued training include increase in muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Mental sharpness, concentration and reaction time will increase, because Traditional Training requires your mind to be alert, active, engaged, and aware during practice. Most importantly, students will develop a better satisfaction with life by forging new bonds of friendship, accomplishing goals and building self confidence, and releasing stress from the events of their lives.