Nicholas Kangas


Title: Instructor


  • 3rd degree in Gum Do

An instructor at Dae Han Martial Arts, Nicholas Kangas has obtained the rank of 3rd degree black belt in Haidong Gumdo after studying under the instruction of Master Seo for the past 10 years. The exceptional and friendly learning environment that Dae Han provided has allowed him to fulfill his dream of studying the art of swordsmanship. Nicholas views his training as one of the most important aspects of his life, helping to instill a greater sense of both self-confidence and discipline.

The martial art that he instructs, Haidong GumDo, is a dramatic and precise sword art that is based on ancient battlefield combat techniques whose heritage may be traced back 2,000 years to the Hwarang Warriors of feudal Korea. Today, GumDo is an international martial art that is practiced in some 50 countries by more than 1.5 million practitioners throughout the world.

Nicholas has found through his training that the modern study of GumDo improves one’s focus, agility, balance, and strength.  He loves seeing the students progress in their skill and technique, while helping them to obtain their own personal goals.