Master Major


r Jessica Major

Title: Master Instructor

Current Rank:

  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Hap Ki Do
  • Bo Dan in Gum Do
  • Kukkiwon Certified Master Instructor

An instructor since June of 2011, Jessica Major began her training eleven years ago. When she first joined Dae Han Martial Arts, she was quiet, withdrawn, and unable to get out of her “shell”. She found that through Tae Kwon Do, she was able to express herself in a way which forced her to step outside of her shell. Jessica considers her martial arts training an “exhilarating eleven years”.

Jessica challenges herself to continue to be the best example she can be to the students. She feels a responsibility to reach out to them and to be there when they need her. She credits the other Dae Han instructors for changing her perspective and placing the spark back into her life and the lives of so many others. As an instructor, Jessica wants to do the same for other students. She thinks of Dae Han as a family and loves how everyone is greeted with warm smiles and a promise of an exciting lifestyle. Jessica believes passionately, “Dae Han – you won’t find a better place to become extraordinary!”