Sparring Team


Our sparring team, the Dae Han Eagle Hunt, is comprised of our students who regularly attend and compete in local, state, and national level competitions. They compete in sparring and forms events. The name “Eagle Hunt” symbolizes the high goals they’ve set, and the dreams they aim to make reality. They train hard to fly high, compete with the best, and come out on top.

Joining the Eagle Hunt is by invitation-only, and members are asked to speak with their instructors before attending the Eagle Hunt sparring classes on Fridays. The training in this group is much more serious with a focus on competition, and is not encouraged until a strong basic foundation has been set during regular classes. If you wish to join the Hunt, train your hardest and ask your instructor!

Our special teams are a goal for those who seek to take their training to a higher level or in a new direction. Ask your Instructor if you wish to be a part of Dae Han’s Pride.