Demo Team


Our demonstration team, The Dae Han Knights, is the pinnacle of technical skill within the school. This exhibition team performs shows locally for the enjoyment of the community and to raise awareness about health, fitness, and the benefits of Martial Arts training. They practice long and hard to master high caliber breaking techniques, choreography scenes, and weapons skills for showing off just what people can achieve with the aid of Tae Kwon Do training.

The Dae Han Knights are an invitation-only team. If you are 5 years or older and hold a rank of green belts or higher, you may be invited to tryouts. Tryouts are held twice a year and consist of a battery of activities designed for testing your level of physical ability, technical level, mental strength, and determination. If you are chosen from the tryouts, you will train with the Knights for one month before becoming an official member. To be invited to the tryouts, train your hardest during regular classes and show you best spirit.

Our special teams are a goal for those who seek to take their training to a higher level or in a new direction. Ask your Instructor if you wish to be a part of Dae Han’s Pride.