Dae Han’s Pride


Dae Han’s Pride consists of our tournament competition team, our community demonstration team and our Dae Han leaders. The Dae Han Eagle Hunt is our tournament competition team, the Dae Han Knights is our community demonstration team and Black Belts are our school leaders.

It takes dedication and determination to become a Black Belt and our Dae Han Eagle Hunt and Knights are hand selected from the entire student body by Instructors and our current team members. Students selected have shown both high levels of technical martial skill and a solid drive and determination for constantly improving themselves and reaching higher levels. Our team members’ mental strength is just as strong as their physical strength. To be selected for the Pride, students must possess and portray good attitudes, respect, discipline, integrity, and optimism.

Martial Arts training is a journey, not a destination. As you move along your martial arts path you will become exposed to the many different avenues of specialization. You may find you have an affinity for high flying kicking techniques or powerful breaking moves. You may like entertaining and putting on a show with awesome demonstration techniques. Or your abilities may lay in the arenas of competition and combat. You may find you enjoy traveling and testing your skills against other students. Whichever path your training takes you down, as your skills increase you have the opportunity to become a member of our school’s special teams, collectively known as Dae Han’s Pride.